A long history with McCallum's

I've known Kenny MacLeod, co-founder - along with Stuart McCallum - of McCallum Bagpipes for almost as long as I've known any piper. We first met at Rothesay Games a long time ago. I remember the great  piping party (that carried on from the games) on board the ferry heading home to the mainland port of Wemyss Bay: Kenny and his Glasgow Skye Association band and me a part of the 78th Fraser Highlanders bunch. 

About 10 years after our first meeting I met both Kenny and Stuart just as they first started their now booming enterprise. It was in their humble office off Wellington Street in Glasgow's city centre that I received my first set of McCallum bagpipes - and their first silver and (antique snooker ball) ivory set made. I played them then as I do now. 

It's great to work with them once again and support their products. Like the guys, they never disappoint.

Michael Grey, Dundas, Ontario, Canada