Duncan MacRae Highland Bagpipe by Stuart Liddell - SL3

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The Duncan MacRae reproduction bagpipes are exact copies of the original MacRae pipe played by Stuart Liddell - one of the world's greatest living pipers. Stuart's antique pipes were examined and measured by McCallum Bagpipe experts in order to craft an instrument with the sound Stuart strives for. 

The results is a magnificent bagpipe which meets the high standard of World Pipe Band and Glenfiddich Piping Champion, Stuart Liddell. 

Full imitation ivory projection mounts, imitation ferrules, imitation ivory ring caps, imitation ivory bushes, imitation ivory & alloy mouthpiece.


1. Drones, stocks, pipe chanter alone (aka "sticks and chanter" only)

2. Fully set-up and tested pipe: Bannatyne zip bag, synthetic drones reeds, bag cover, cords and pipe chanter reed.

Please note the following at checkout: bag size (small, small-extended, medium, large or Willie McCallum style), bag cover colour (black, blue, red or green) and drone cord colour (black, blue, red, green or gold).

3. Contact us to customize bag or reeds!