McCallum Highland Bagpipes - P4- Black Acetyl - fully combed & beaded with imitation ivory mounts & alloy engraving

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You'd never know by looking at it this attractive pipe that most of this instrument is made with acetyl - aka plastic. The sound is full, vibrant and steady. 

The pipe is fully combed and beaded with imitation ivory projecting mounts and McCallum alloy engraved ferrules and ring caps. The P1 pipe pictured here features the Celtic pattern of engraving. Choose engraving pattern: Celtic, Victorian Scroll, Zoomorphic or Thistle. 


1. Drones, stocks, pipe chanter alone (aka "sticks and chanter" only)

2. Fully set-up and tested pipe: Bannatyne zip bag, synthetic drones reeds, bag cover, cords and pipe chanter reed.

Please note the following at checkout: bag size (small, small-extended, medium, large or Willie McCallum style), bag cover colour (black, blue, red or green) and drone cord colour (black, blue, red, green or gold) and engraving pattern choice: Celtic, Victorian Scroll, Zoomorphic or Thistle.

3. Contact us to customize bag or reeds!