McCallum Highland Bagpipe - AB3 Deluxe - Full Set

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The AB (AB=all blackwood) line of McCallum pipes has something for every piper and every budget. The AB3 is an attractive bagpipe with a nod to the old days when ivory was a common feature of instrument adornment: fully combed blackwood, attractive imitation ivory projecting mounts, beaded alloy ferrules (they never tarnish and resemble silver) in addition to alloy slides and ring caps.

The AB Deluxe differs from the AB3 Full in that plain alloy plates are recessed in to the top surface of projecting mounts. 

Included is an imitation ivory and alloy mouthpiece with a McCallum plastic practice chanter.


1. Drones, stocks, pipe chanter alone (aka "sticks and chanter" only)

2. Fully set-up and tested pipe: Bannatyne zip bag, synthetic drones reeds, bag cover, cords and pipe chanter reed.

Please note the following at checkout: bag size (small, small-extended, medium, large or Willie McCallum style), bag cover colour (black, blue, red or green) and drone cord colour (black, blue, red, green or gold).

3. Contact us to customize bag or reeds!