McCallum Highland Bagpipe - AB Engraved - Full Set

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The AB (AB=all blackwood) line of McCallum pipes has something for every piper and every budget. The AB Engraved shines out as an attractive bagpipe with the look of a rare old-school full-silver set; fully combed blackwood, engraved alloy projecting mounts, ferrules, slides and ring caps - plus engraved alloy mouthpiece with McCallum plastic pipe changer and engraved alloy chanter bowl and sole. 


1. Drones, stocks, pipe chanter alone (aka "sticks and chanter" only)

2. Fully set-up and tested pipe: Bannatyne zip bag, synthetic drones reeds, bag cover, cords and pipe chanter reed.

Please note the following at checkout: bag size (small, small-extended, medium, large or Willie McCallum style), bag cover colour (black, blue, red or green) and drone cord colour (black, blue, red, green or gold) and engraving choice: Celtic, Victorian Scroll, Zoomorphic or Thistle.

3. Contact us to customize bag or reeds!