CD - Michael Grey, "Shambolica!"

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  1. Sergeant Malkie Bow's Consternation
  2. Between Hope and Union
  3. My Heart's in the Highlands (featuring David Martin)
  4. Nut Brown Maiden (featuring Jane Siberry)
  5. The Banker, Bird and Schoolmaster
  6. My Kindly Lass (featuring Glenna Mackay-Johnstone)
  7. Tam o' Shanter Suite
  8. Maple Leaf Lounge
  9. Shambolica!
  10. Annabel
  11. Argyle Street Taxi

“… a major artistic achievement.”
Iain Macdonald, Piper & Drummer Magazine 

“A great melting pot of ideas and instrumental textures”
Iain MacInnes, BBC Radio Scotland

“The arrangements are the most innovative and complex since Billy Jackson’s “The Wellpark Suite” was released in 1985″
Rob Menzies, Penguin Eggs Magazine

A collection of gems from an exiled [Canadian] Scot who can play a mean tune.”
The Living Tradition Magazine

"A creative multi-genre fusion project; fun, lush."
Dirty Linen magazine

Sing Out magazine

"[He has] successfully brought together such diverse idioms as Cowboy, Jazz, New Age, not to mention solid MOR, and even House. A great CD for the car or the home, but I'll not be lending mine."
Deborah Rosen – Whole Note magazine