More Music for Everyone - Michael Grey's 7th Book of Music

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The book is his most ambitious to date with over 20 contributors, a perfect bound 92 page full colour production.  Said Grey, “There’s no doubt in my mind that this collection of music is the most diverse I’ve yet to publish. It seems to me every flavour and texture of pipe music heard today has claimed a little space.”  He adds, “I’ve done my best to include stories and photos to go along with the tunes. There was a time that when it came to tune titles I thought it best to pass little or no info along,  just to let the mystery of a title keep pipers guessing. That was then, this is now. There’s loads of good stories, and photos, too.

Contributing composers include: Bernard Bouhadana, Ryan Canning, Duncan Chisholm, Bruce Gandy, Scott Garden, Ann Gray, Nick Hudson, John Lee, Bill Livingstone, Allan MacDonald, Dr Angus MacDonald, Iain MacDonald, Angus MacKenzie, the late Donald Ewen MacPherson, Iain MacPherson, Sean McKeown, Duncan Nicholson, Dougie Pincock, Neil Smith, Terry Tully, Craig Turnbull and Bob Worrall.

The distinctive book cover was created by Saltcoats-based graphic designer, John Slavin featuring a piece of art created by Simon Thorp, artist and co-founder of Viz magazine. Said Grey, “One of Simon Thorp’s great creations, Finbarr Saunders (“and his double entendres”) inspired me years ago to name a tune after his cartoon master of the double meaning. I’ve had so many crazy, down-right hilariously funny experiences in my life, especially when the pipes have been nearby, it struck me completely right that Finbarr take pride of place on the cover.” He added,  “In Finbarr we see the lighter side of the world – and who couldn’t use more of that?”